Friday, March 16, 2012

A Great Family Visit

Last weekend, my uncle Jim, aunt Terri and cousins Paul and Jeff came to visit.  It is always fun to see them and we had a great time!

Paul, Jim, Jeff, Terri and the kids

While they were here, we went to the Houston rodeo.  It was cold and a little drizzly, but we had a good time.

"Fun on the Farm" is a favorite part.  The kids (all pretend) feed chickens and collect eggs, milk cows, harvest crops, etc. before selling their goods and using the money to buy a snack.

There was a new activity in the kids' area this year: the pedal tractor pull.  Mark was old enough to participate, and the rest of us cheered him on.

Out of about a dozen kids, Mark won!!

We walked through some of the areas with the livestock.  One person let us all come up close and pet her cow.

By chance, we ended up in the arena where they were doing "cattle doctoring."  In this event, the cowboys separate one cow from a herd and rope head and heels.  It was not crowded at all, and the kids liked that.  Many said their favorite part of the rodeo this year was seeing the cowboys rope the cows!

Jim and Terri with Becca

Paul with David

Jeff with Ali

Terri and Ali

Jim and John

Ali and Paul

Mark and Paul

Jim and Terri with the kids

Starting a wrestling match with Jeff.  Definitely a favorite thing to do!

The girls got Papa!

We had a great time seeing everyone and were so glad they could come.  We are blessed with amazing family.  By the end, the kids were very attached to our guests!  :)

These are some favorite pics taken over the weekend.  Paul enjoys photography as a hobby and does a great job!  Most of the pictures from the weekend are from him.




David is usually attached to Papa!


Peekaboo John

Spiderman John




Papa and Ali

I love their creativity building with blocks using various types and styles.  Sometimes books and toys make it into the construction too.


Paul went to Big Bend and camped for several days before coming to see us.  He had a lot of amazing pictures, but this was my favorite!  I think he said it was a 10 minute shudder speed, and I thought it was neat to see the change in position of the stars.

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