Friday, April 6, 2012

Bluebonnet Pics and Astros Opening Day

The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, and many people (including us) make it an annual tradition to take pictures in them each spring.  This year, we took our pictures in our Easter outfits to get two things done at the same time!  Some picture taking days go better than others; this was probably the best and easiest ever!  They all took direction, smiled and cooperated!

Becca, David, Ali, John, Kate, Mark

Looking back, I think the boys wear the same thing for Easter every year, but you just can't go wrong with khakis and a navy polo!

The girls in their Easter dresses







After we were done, we played at the park and went to the library. I think having something fun to look forward to always helps.  Off to exchange our books!

Today was opening day for the Astros.  No we didn't go to the game, but we were excited at home.  We told the kids that we would have a special baseball dinner and kept it a surprise until dinner time.  I typically feed my kids pretty healthy, but tonight we had ballpark food: hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn.  (It was the first time I have ever bought hot dogs.  I just don't think they are made of real food, but the kids LOVED it!)  We moved our living room rug and let them picnic during the game in the living room.  It was also the first time my kids have gotten to eat while watching tv.  Again, not something I would make a habit, but they thought it was awesome!  Definitely made a memorable, fun experience for the start of baseball season!  :)

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