Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Saturday

The Saturday before Easter, Mark had a morning tball game, then we came back to the house and colored Easter eggs.

with Papa and G.G. :)

I wasn't sure if they would get into it or lose interest.  Everyone had a good time, but David and Ali stuck with it until every egg was dyed!  (We had 7 dozen!!)

 I love that they aren't timid about getting their hands dirty!

David "The Hulk"

While we started with all the normal colors like red, green, purple, etc., by the end we mostly had different shades of brown, tan, and gray!  We had a great time, and the weather was perfect!

Most of the afternoon, we did Easter egg hunts with plastic eggs in various parts of the house and outside.  The kids loved it and took turns hiding too.

Saturday evening, we went to a crawfish boil.  This family is professional!  The decoration, the food, the music, etc. are awesome and they do it every year!  We have not been since having kids and had a great time going again!  The kids had a blast!  They loved the band, a lot of the food (not the crawfish though), and did an Easter egg hunt.

Thank you Jerry and Terry for having us!

Everyone got beads when we got there

Daddy showing the kids a crawfish

We danced to the band a lot!  I love watching kids this age dance!  They are so cute!

On Mark's last day of school last week, I packed him a surprise in his lunch and put all of his items in eggs.  (Later I used paper to make a nest for them but didn't take a picture of that.)  He was definitely surprised and glowed after school telling me about it.  His teacher said the class enjoyed it too.  Will definitely have to remember that for next year!

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