Monday, April 2, 2012

Girls' Weekend and Other Happenings

This past weekend, I celebrated a friend's birthday in NYC with some girlfriends.  It was the longest I have been away from the kids and was an amazing trip!  She used to live there, and we skipped the tourist things and just went to favorite hang outs.  It was a blast!

All of our pics were on cell phones.  Walking the highline was one of my favorite things we did there.

It was gorgeous!

I thought these bird feeders were really interesting

On the subway

It was so much fun to just visit and hang out with friends.  We left Thursday morning and got back late Sunday.  I had friends here who kept the kids Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, and my parents helped with evenings when Bill had meetings.  The quints had a slumber party at Papa and G.G.'s Friday night since Mark had a tball game Friday evening and Saturday morning which gave some special time for Mark with Bill.  My parents are amazing!  Mom made dinners, they helped in the evenings, and kept the kids all day Saturday evening bathing them all at their house Sat night!  Bill was awesome!  He kept up with all the laundry and dishes (which is a lot in our house!).  He even took the kids to Home Depot to get some more plants for the garden and planted them.  While I get a lot of comments and stares when I go out alone with the kids, a dad really does!  :)  They went to parks and had a blast.  I really appreciate having such good friends to spend time with and such amazing people around me to give me that opportunity.  Thank you Laura, Jill, Papa, G.G., and Bill!!

Becca had her family day at school recently.  It is nice that Bill works so close that he can easily pop over to the school for those types of things.

Ali also had her family day last month.  It is fun getting to see the kids and their friends at school.

Mark running bases at tball.

My parents come to most of the games.  The kids get so excited when they see them coming!  I love watching the kids running to greet them!

The kids have been in swim lessons since last June, and we recently decided to stop, at least for now.  It has been a great experience and they have gained a lot.  We are looking forward to swimming this summer a lot!  Dance and tball end in May, and I think we may take the summer off from all activities.  Mark starts kindergarten in the fall, and we have made our "summer bucket list" of all the fun things we want to do before he starts.  I am looking forward to a few months of getting up whenever we want to and picking something fun for the day.  

Last month, a woman my mom has been friends with since grade school came to visit.  We had so much fun with Dee!  

Dee and G.G. with the kiddos

We are loving the nice weather!  This was our first picnic of the year.  I'm sure there will be many more.

We have been spending a lot of time at parks since the weather is so nice.  We are blessed to have many parks around us and have been going to some favorites and trying some new ones.







This picture is blurry and was from my family visit last month, but I thought it was so cute that John was on the floor "helping" Paul take pictures.

Laura, a friend who comes and plays with the kids sometimes (and who was one of the awesome people who helped with them while I was gone), has become known in our house for fort building.  The kids love her forts and take puzzles and books inside.

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