Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy birthday, Mark and Bill!

On Thursday, Mark turned 5!  He is such an amazing blessing to us.  He is intelligent, fun, a fantastic big brother, and we love him so much!

We went to dinner with my parents at a hibachi restaurant that Mark likes.  This is his third birthday in a row to pick this one.

The birthday boy with Dad and Mom

Our table

Our whole group

G.G. with Ali and Kate.  Ali and Kate were really scared of the fire last time we went.  Kate was still nervous this time, but Ali seemed to enjoy it!

Papa and Becca



Mark loves ice cream, and the staff sang happy birthday. 

After dinner, we went home and opened presents.  While he got various things he liked, LEGOs were definitely the highlight!

It is really hard for me to believe he is already 5!  It seems like yesterday we were taking our first picture with him.  It was such a fantastic day when he was born, and it just keeps getting better.

Bill's birthday was on Friday, and he was off for the day.  He is an amazing husband and awesome father, and we wanted to celebrate!  We rode the trolley to a pizza restaurant for lunch.  The kids love the trolley, and I especially love that it is free.  :)

My birthday boys!

The restaurant brought dough balls for the kids to play with while we waited for our food.  Mark made his into a mask.

After lunch, we walked around by the waterway for a little while before taking the trolley back.  The kids love seeing the ducks and fish.

Bill and I got to go to Mark's school on Thursday to celebrate with his class.  He is really into dinosaurs right now, so I packed a dinosaur lunch with dino shaped sandwiches, dino eggs (grapes), and dino bones (pretzel sticks).  The treat he picked to share with his class was dino shaped rice krispy treats with mini m&ms for the eyes.

His party is this afternoon, and he is super excited!  We are continuing with our dino theme, and I will post pictures soon.

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