Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!  I think this was the best Easter I have ever had!  We started the day at church. 

After we got home, we took a family picture.  Considering that we did this with a tripod and a remote (no other people were present), I thought it turned out really well!

When we came in, they got their Easter baskets.

I know Easter baskets are fun, and yet somehow I was surprised at how enthusiastic they all were!  The boys got LEGOs and transformers among other small things.  Thd girls got My Little Ponies and their first set of girl LEGOs along with other items.  The girls (Ali in particular) have been asking for girl LEGOs since they knew they existed!

I think Becca's favorite thing might have been her bracelet

Papa and G.G. came over around lunch time and spent the day with us.  A friend of my mom's had given her these pink flamingos, and they delivered chocolate eggs in baskets around their necks to our house for the kids.  It is really hard to get kids to look at the camera when there are chocolate eggs!  :)

While we have used our dining room table several times now, this was the first time that we have let the kids sit at it with us.  We made place cards, and they felt so big!  (Becca's bracelet is sitting right in front of her plate!)

After lunch, we let the kids decorate cookies.  They each got their own plate.  We intended the mini-marshmallows to be tails, the raisins to be eyes, and the M&Ms to be buttons on a jacket or something like that.  It is always interesting to me to see how the kids create with what they have.

Becca took the bracelet everywhere!

Some were neat, some were messy, all had fun!  Ali was playing with her bunny before eating it.

Then the kids got their Easter baskets from Papa and G.G.  A favorite item was new swim suits!

Kate enjoyed the chocolate but somehow kept it off her dress.

We did Easter egg hunts in the backyard using the eggs we had dyed the day before.

Another favorite thing in Papa and G.G.'s basket was "pearl" necklaces for the girls.  They have worn them every day with every outfit!

I think Mark found the most!

Everyone was very excited to get to put together their LEGO sets!  The girls hadn't really played with LEGOs before, and I was impressed.  They followed their directions and did them almost completely by themselves.  I had to help with the teeny tiny pieces.

Mark is all about LEGOs!  When I ask him what he wants for his birthday (later this month), all he has ever answered is LEGOs!

David is great with sound effects! Can't you hear the Vroom?!

It was a fantastic Easter, and we are so blessed to celebrate with great family! 

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