Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Symphony and Fishing

We took the kids to their first symphony this week!

The Houston Symphony performs in our local area and the lawn seats are free. This performance was "The Art of Baseball" which made it even more fun. Prior to the concert, there were games, activities, an instrument petty zoo, etc. They loved it!

When we left, we saw 2 mounted patrol officers and got to pet the horses. One even had a card with info about the officer and horse. The kids have been asking when we can go to the symphony again!

We went fishing at the pond near our house last night.  The kids had a blast!  All six of them got to catch a fish which I think makes for a pretty successful trip!


Becca caught the first fish!

 Everyone with the fish. 

Becca in a new outfit...  She rode her bike right off the path into the water!  Tipped the bike and she was soaked!  And I think a little surprised.  :)  But she went right back to fishing.



I didn't get a picture of David with his fish.  He really liked being in charge of the worms.  While everyone would get one out for Bill or me to put on the hook, he carried the container around almost the whole time and would help everyone pick which one would be best for catching fish.


We had so much fun, and the kids are anxious to go again!

This is just a random picture.  We rode bikes to a new park this week, and it had TONS of rolly pollies!  The kids declared it to be rolly polly city, and they spent almost the whole time finding them and trying to get them to roll into balls.

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