Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!  I had my best Mother's Day ever this year!  The kids all made me cards and presents at school, but they couldn't wait until Sunday and were so excited to give me their things when I picked them up on Thursday.  This morning, the first thing the kids said was Happy Mother's Day without even needing Bill to remind them!  After church, we went out to lunch with my parents then came back to our house for ice cream and to give G.G. presents.

Becca, Ali, Kate

David, Mark, John







My mom is the most amazing woman I know, and I am so blessed to have her and that she lives so close!  We love you G.G.!!

The kids all made cards for G.G.  David is helping her read one.

The kids are always excited about presents, even if they aren't for them!  :)

At Easter, G.G. had a really good time with the boys' nerf guns, and I think her favorite present was her own nerf gun!

On Saturday, Bill and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary.  We agreed when we got married that we were not gifts people and didn't want to exchange gifts for any holidays.  (If you are familiar with "The Five Love Languages" we both literally scored a zero on gifts when we took the assessment.)  We go out to dinner for birthdays, buy something for the house (dishwasher, gutters, computer, etc.) for Christmas, and we try to take a trip for our anniversary.  While I realize that is unusual for most people, it has worked really well for us, and we are happy with that arrangement.  So, I was especially shocked that I received a gift from Bill today!


He got me an ipad!

We ended the day with dinner on the back deck and a family game of tball in the backyard.  (I use the word "game" very loosely!)  It has been a great Mother's Day with the most amazing husband, parents, and children I could possibly imagine!  Feeling even more blessed than usual!  :)

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