Friday, May 11, 2012

Swimming, End of Tball Season, and First Tooth Lost

A friend invited us over to her house to swim recently.

Ready to go!  Kate, Mark, Ali, David, Becca, John

She even had 5 sets of floaties blown up for us to use.  We had never used floaties before, but the kids liked them a lot!

The kids also enjoyed playing with their friends and bouncing on their trampoline.  They took a break for a watermellon snack.  Thank you, Kata, for having us!  We had a great time!  :)

Mark just finished his tball season.  He had fun playing, and his team this season really clicked well.  He had great coaches, and all the families were so involved cheering for the kids.  It was a great experience.

For our end of season party, we took baseball cupcakes for the team, and another mom provided snow cones.  The kids each got a trophy and one mom even made them a goodie bag.

Last week we had our regular check up at the dentist.  I took them by myself again, but this time was SOOO easy!  To my absolute shock, all six kids hopped right up on a table and not a single one cried or fussed!  I figured at least one would hesitate or cry or something.  Usually it is Kate, but she was even very comfortable.





Kate - Look how brave she was this time!

Mark had injured one of his top front teeth when he was around 15 months old.  The dentist said that the tooth had died, was getting infected and was loose and needed to come out.  He and I went back a few days later.  Mark was so brave!  He never flinched or cried at all!

First tooth gone!  119 more to lose in our house...

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